Fault Line Flyers Glider Club

About Us

We are the Fault Line Flyers - a glider club with members from the Central Texas (Austin) area. Our goal is to promote, educate and encourage participation in the sport of soaring. We are a not-for-profit corporation and a local chapter of the Soaring Society of America.

To join FLF, an applicant must purchase a (non-refundable) membership in the club and become a member of the SSA. All members are asked to pitch in to run the club and minimize operating costs.

The club operates every weekend from a club owned airport with a 4800 foot grass runway in Briggs, Texas. The club provides flight instructions to its club members and has programs to obtain a Private Pilot Glider license for the beginner, solo pilot, or those who wish to add a Glider rating to their Airplane license.

Aero tow, and auto tow operations are available, all of which are conducted with an emphasis on safety. Fault Line Flyers has an excellent safety record, thanks in large part to the great depth of experience among its members and instructors.

Club Aircraft

5 Gliders:

    • 2 Schweizer 2-33 (Two seat metal and cloth glider)

    • 1 Grob Twin Astir (Two seat fiberglass glider)

    • 1 Schweizer 1-26E (Single-seat metal and cloth glider)

    • 1 Schweizer 1-36 (Single-seat metal glider)

2 Tow Planes:

    • 1 Pawnee-235HP N42VA (Tow Plane)

    • 1 Cessna 152-180HP N48887 (Tow Plane)

Additionally, there are gliders owned by club members

Come Fly With Us!

Normally on the first Saturday of each month we host a Demo Day where we invite visitors to come out for an introductory ride!. The introductory ride will be with one of our instructors or commercial pilots to experience soaring. These rides are typically about 30 minutes. Right now, all demo rides are on hold, however, if you're interested in a demo ride later this season, please let us know!

We provide rides in two different classes of aircraft. Our Schweizer 2-33 trainer constructed of metal with some cloth covering, and our Grob Twin Astir constructed of fiberglass. The Grob has better aerodynamic performance and consequently is more expensive, you can choose which aircraft you want to fly in, however, keep in mind if you're over 230lbs there are weight and balance restrictions. There are few gifts that are as unique or memorable as treating someone to a Soaring flight. Flight fees are listed below.

Visitors, we're looking forward to a great soaring season this summer, until then our field is currently closed to visitors!

If the weather is questionable call us on Demo Day at (512) 489-2344 (Messages & Calls are monitored on Weekends Only).

    • First flights start around 12:00. The best flying conditions are usually 1:00 - 4:00.

    • When you show up, ask around to get your name added to the flight list. We provide rides on a first come/first serve basis.

    • Pack a lunch. We have a shaded deck, a bathroom, and refrigerator with sodas available. There is a gas station/restaurant with a grill about 2 miles north of our airport on 183.

Additional information on getting a Glider Pilot License or Rating:

Directions And Contact Information

Club Member Fee Structure

Membership Fees

  • Full Membership (non-refundable) $550

  • Student Membership (non refundable) $100. Student membership is limited by member obligated risk pool. The member obligated risk pool generally means you need a parent in Faultline Flyers who will be paying your bills. Students are limited to flying the 2-33's. If you do not have a member in the club willing to pay your bill, you'll need a full membership.

Monthly Dues

  • Regular Member Dues (per month) $46

  • Guest Fee (per month) $46. Guest Fees apply to pilots that belong to other clubs and wish to fly their glider at FLF.

  • Student Member Dues (per month) $13

  • Family Members Dues (per month) $13

  • SSA membership (per year, required) $75 (prorated from April)

  • Storage at field (Trailer, Aircraft tie-down) (per month) $10

Flight Fees

  • Demo Flight in SGS 2-33 $70*

  • Demo Flight in Grob Twin Astir $90*

  • Aero tow, private glider $32

  • Aero tow, club glider(Add $5 for Grob) $36

  • Pattern tow (1,000 ft.), private glider $18

  • Pattern tow (1,000 ft.), club glider (Add $2.50 for Grob) $22

  • Aero tow, Each additional 1000 ft. $9

  • Auto tow, private glider $6

  • Auto tow, club glider(Add $2.50 for Grob) $10

  • Self Launch No Charge

  • Recovery, up to 10 NM each way, private $42

  • Recovery over 10 NM + each NM over 10 NM $42.00 + $3.25/NM

  • * $5.00 Discount for groups of 5, pre-scheduled on demo days. $10.00 Discount for students. At most one discount applies.

Instruction fees

Instructor fees are negotiated between the student and the instructor. The fee will nominally be about $15/hr or $5/flight.

The Club Board Of Directors

For additional information, please email us at: soar.flf@gmail.com

  • President: Greg Aaron

  • Vice President: Andre DeBaghy

  • Treasurer: Peter Jarvis

  • Secretary: Kip Harris

  • Chief Safety Officer: Doug Witkowski

  • Chief Tow Pilot: Charles Ryan

  • Chief Duty Officer: Kelly Butler